Modern Website Design and Development

Modern Website Design and Development

This 2.5 months Modern Website Design and Development Course , you will be taught step by step how to design and develop completely modern website layouts with multiple auto pages. Where we attached the database to get the data.

Who this course is for?

  • anyone who wants to learn about creating websites and develop
  • anyone who wants to learn step by step about making a website professionally
  • web designers web developers web content producers

If you are out of valley or unable to attend a class physically by any reason then you can learn it online in your home with comfort for that follow the steps.

  • To get enroll in this course online you have to pay first through Esewa
  • We will provide you our Esewa id

How to know Course Price and shift?

To Know this course price first go to our SB Computer Facebook Page and message us with Online Course Name and we will provide you the cost.  For your shift, first you could tell us your available time, if this time is available then we will book your class in that time. Or We will schedule the class time with both mutual understanding.


  • No prerequisites
  • Desire to learn
  • computer access
  • Internet access

Course Details:

  • Module 01: HTML/Modern CSS Framework/Typography
  • Module 02: Bootstrap
  • Module 03: API
  • Module 04: Javascript/Jquery
  • Module 05: PHP/Database Design/MySQL
  • Module 06: Node.js/Express/websocket/Build an object oriented project with react
  • Module 07: Build Real Time Chat Application
  • Module 08: Photoshop
  • Module 09: CMS
  • Module 10: WordPress
  • Module 11: Domain Registration/Hosting
  • Module 12: SEO
  • Module 13: Website Vulnerabilities and Hacking
  • Module 14: SQL Injection
  • Module 15: UI Interface Design Principles
  • Module 16: How to start Web Design Business
  • Module 17: How to make a Website Designer/Developer Resume
  • Module 18: How to Earn Online with your own Website

We will even provide Best Website Designing and Development Books pdf