Best Ethical Hacking Course

Best Ethical Hacking Course

This 3.5 months Best Ethical Hacking Course  Contains the topics related to Self Security, Penetration Testing, Kali Linux, Nmap, Metasploit Framework,  and Reverse Engineering.

Who this course is for?

  • School Students
  • College Students
  • IT Professionals
  • IT officers
  • IT and Law Officers

If you are out of valley or unable to attend a class physically by any reason then you can learn it online in your home with comfort for that follow the steps.

  • To get enroll in this course online you have to pay first through Esewa
  • We will provide you our Esewa id

How to know Course Price and shift?

To Know this course price first go to our SB Computer Facebook Page and message us with Online Course Name and we will provide you the cost.  For your shift, first you could tell us your available time, if this time is available then we will book your class in that time. Or We will schedule the class time with both mutual understanding.


  • A Laptop.
  • 6 GB Ram and 80 GB Hard Disk.
  • VMware Workstation Or Virtual Box ( Software )
  • Fundamental Knowledge of Computer

Course Details:

  • Foot-printing & Reconnaissance
  •  Penetration Testing & Solving The Issues Be Expert
  •  IP Address ! A Must Know
  • Creating Lab Environment For Hackers
  • Proxy ! The Thing Make’s You Anonymous
  • Scanning ! Finding Security Flaws In Network
  • Introduction To Various Type’s Of Scanning
  • Solving The Issues Like Experts
  • Enumerating System
  •  System Hacking Gaining Access
  • Introduction To Virus, Trojan & Malware
  • Sniffing ! Getting Credentials And Info. From Target
  • Tricking The Target Using Fake Address
  • Collecting & Gaining Access to ID & Password
  •  Word Wide Used Hacking Techniques By Hacker’s
  • Session Hi-jacking ! Capturing The Session
  • Web Server & Web Application Hacking
  • Taking Advantage Of Web Programming In Hacking
  • Intro to XSS Very important
  •  SQL Injection
  • IDs Firewall And Honeypots
  • Stenography ! Art Of Hiding Sensitive Info
  • Cryptography ! Art Of Writing Secret Message
  • Working With Wi-Fi Vulnerability & Hacking
  • Mobile Hacking & Testing
  • Advance Web App Hacking & Penetration Testing
  • Various Hacking Techniques Used By Hackers
  • Self Security
  • Best Of Hacking Tips & Tricks
  • All Kali Linux Hacking Technique, Hack Like a Pro!


  • Reverse Engineering Explained With Example
  • Malware Analysis
  • Detect & Remove Malware

We will even provide Best Hacking Books pdf